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  1. Docker cons

    Published: Fri 31 October 2014
    By Sirex

    In Linux.

    I believe docker is a really great tech, and it'll really change things, but i see nothing but hype on the blog-o-sphere... So here's some brief notes about some of the lesser spoken about aspects of docker - the cons.

    • Shared state outside the container is an issue where upgrades are …
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  2. Postcards from a language tourist

    Jumping once again on the “everyone else has blogged it to death, but meh!” category, I've spent a few days messing about with the google go (golang) programming language and thought i should jot down some thoughts here about it.

    Its certainly interesting, that's for sure...

    I'm a sysadmin by …

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  3. Heartbleed aftermath

    I almost feel bad for blogging about this, but god knows everyone else will be so perhaps it's worth a punt.

    So in the last few days the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug has come into the public eye, and my goodness has it caused a veritable shitstorm. I'm not going to …

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  4. Appfirst monitoring

    Quite a long post today I'm afraid !

    Over the last few weeks we've been kicking the tires on the AppFirst monitoring service, and I thought it might be helpful to others to document my thoughts here. I didn't see many such posts when we set out on the task and …

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  5. Announcing hiera-subnet

    I'd like to announce the availability of hiera-subnet, a new backend i've put together for looking up hiera facts from puppet by using the subnet location of the machine.

    This means that, for instance you may have a fact as one thing for all machines (similar to common.yaml), something …

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  6. Puppet on a (shoe) string

    At this year's puppetconf, I spoke with a few people regarding how they were using puppet in their infrastructure, and the general consensus was that they have several staging environments with replica infrastructure where they can test their puppet code and software patches before going live.

    I'm not sure if …

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  7. Viral Puppet

    We've been using puppet for a year or so now, and have had great success. The positives of puppet and other configuration management solutions is fairly well documented by now, but I'd like to talk briefly about some of the more troubling aspects of the solution which I've not seen …

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  8. The woes of serverfault

    Published: Mon 12 August 2013
    By Sirex

    In Rants.

    Its come to light that ServerFault is doing badly. Shock, i know; who'd have thought ?

    I'm putting this up here because it's a little difficult to compress my thoughts on the topic down to a small enough soundbite to fit into a tiny comment on the topic's thread over on …

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  9. Trench warfare

    One new experience I've had recently is IT operations being split slightly unusually in that technology specific departments have their own IT staff (and knowledge repositories), but still a centralized IT function exists which performs internal network management, new desktop provisions and so on. There's been obvious issues visible which …

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